What is an Association Management Company?

Association Management Companies (AMCs) provide expert leadership services to professional societies and trade associations. An AMC serves as your headquarters and can completely staff your association, leaving your Board of Directors free to focus on the mission of your organization. We employ experts in all aspects of association activities. Our experts become your staff; our office becomes your office. The AMC worries about payroll and employee management; when to order new equipment; and provides your board with the latest in association best practices. The AMC is responsible to your Board of Directors and becomes your partner in accomplishing the success of your association.

From administration to full-service management and everything in between, AMCs provide expertise to small and large associations in need of executive management, fiscal management, strategic planning, marketing, meeting and event planning, educational programs, professional development, development of non-dues revenue programs, statistical surveys, website development and maintenance and the management of any special projects undertaken by your organization.

AMCs assist non-profit organizations in building a strong foundation for your local, state, regional, national or international association. AMCs are experts at managing associations in any industry or profession. We know how to run successful associations, and we become experts in the field of interest your association represents. We provide continuity to ever-changing elected leadership.