Site Selection/Contract & Consultation Services

If your needs are limited to site selection for your conference, ATD provides no-charge site selection services to our association clients. We research hotels and other meetings venues that match the criteria chosen by the Board of Directors or meeting planner.

Not only is site selection and contract negotiations part of the many services we offer our regular associations, we can offer those services as a single service for groups. Many associations who have a full time in-house staff still need the services of an association management company. These associations are in need of assistance with RFP’s, site selection, and contract negotiations to secure the best location for their group at the right price. Often, there is no cost to the organization for this service.

We can consult with many organizations on expenditures related to hosting a conference. After reviewing past contracts and hotel invoicing, we often find many areas where funds are being wasted that can be used to offer more member benefits and secure more organization finances.

Some organizations/government agencies hire us simply to provide conference planning, site selection and event services for annual or bi-annual conferences.